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Sea Urchins Wearing Tiny 3D-Printed Hats Are The Cutest Thing Ever, And Apparently, It Makes Them Feel Safer
Целиот текст тука If you’ve ever seen a sea urchin—you know what a peculiar, cool-looking little dude this echinoderm is. There are a whopping 950 species living on the seabed, making themselves at home in virtually all oceans and depth zones. But it turns out, these little spiky balls... Читај понатаму
“My Experience With The Pfizer Covid Vaccine”
Целиот текст тука After Pfizer and BioNTech announced the leaps they’ve made developing their Covid-19 vaccine, people instantly went crazy. Finally, some good news in 2020. Of course, we still have questions the companies need to answer. Like, how long will the vaccine protect patients? Will it protect the most vulnerable?... Читај понатаму
74 Y.O. Florida Man Wrestles Alligator To Save His 3 M.O. Puppy
Целиот текст тука Part of what made The Crocodile Hunter so popular—besides the charming passion for wildlife and the charisma of the late Steve Irwin—was the fact that Irwin was always up against some of meanest and most terrifying crocodiles that could rip him to shreds in mere seconds!... Читај понатаму
Instead Of Covering Grey Roots, This Hairdresser Makes Clients Embrace It With His Transformations (New Pics)
Целиот текст тука According to trichologist Madeleine Preston, most women who are in their 30s should see a few grey hairs here and there, but by the time they get into their 50s, about half of their scalp hairs turn grey. Like wrinkles, silver flocks are part of aging.... Читај понатаму
People Call These Intimate Dad And Son Pics Not Appropriate, Get Shut Down With The Perfect Response
Целиот текст тука There is absolutely nothing wrong with loving and hugging your dad! The relationship between a father and son is unique and should be cherished. And there are plenty of men in the world who would give anything to embrace their dads one last time. However, the internet... Читај понатаму
Parents Are Sharing The Most Absurd Things That Made Their Kids Cry (42 Tweets)
Целиот текст тука If you’ve read this or this Bored Panda article, you know that kids cry over a lot of ridiculous things. Like, hearing someone say Darth Vader is a bad guy. Or the fact that the Golden Gate Bridge isn’t actually golden. But parent and Twitter user... Читај понатаму
People Share Texts From Their Ex On This Instagram Account (99 Pics)
Целиот текст тука Google “texting your ex” and you’ll get a million articles listing all the rules you have to obey when undergoing such a brave endeavor. Many, however, find themselves in an (alcohol-induced) moment of weakness and the last thing on their mind is what someone else thinks... Читај понатаму
91 Awesome Collections Of Items Many Would Not Think Of Collecting
Целиот текст тука Some of us are into bowling, others love traveling, nature, or rock hunting. Does that mean you collect all the bowling balls to make a giant pyramid, or gather every single mosquito you’ve ever killed, or arrange the keys of every hotel and motel you’ve ever... Читај понатаму
Guy Shares His Own Adoption Story In Hopes Of Inspiring Others To Adopt
Целиот текст тука Lucky Du Plessis is a South African radio personality and an extremely talented graphic designer. He’s also a former orphan boy who, back in childhood, was given a new chance at life by getting adopted by a loving family. Recently, Lucky decided to go on Twitter... Читај понатаму
This Young Woman Went Viral On Twitter For Pointing Out How Having To Explain Resume Gaps In A Job Interview Is “Infuriating”
Целиот текст тука Job interviews are a stressful deal, especially when you’re going back to the workforce after taking a break, for whatever reason that may be. Now, we all have our struggles in life and no path is the same. The same goes for taking a gap from... Читај понатаму