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57 Satirical Illustrations By John Holcroft That Show What’s Wrong With Today’s World (New Pics)
Целиот текст тука There’s something very disturbing about John Holcroft‘s work, but in a very good way. Checking out his illustrations, you can’t help but feel as if you’re seeing something forbidden. The fragility of the system, the obscurity of your career; the lack of romance in today’s world.... Читај понатаму
This Adorable Tortilla Swaddle Blanket Will Turn Your Baby Into A Burrito
Целиот текст тука Babies are so cute sometimes you just want to nibble their toes – well with this tortilla swaddle blanket your little ones will look even more deliciously adorable as they are transformed into a life-sized burrito. The company UncommonGoods sells the $48 tortilla-inspired swaddling blanket and... Читај понатаму
This Bracelet From Amazon Shocks You If You Eat Too Much Fast Food Or Spend Too Much Money
Целиот текст тука If only we could afford to have a person that constantly stands next to us and yells at us if we eat something unhealthy or once again buy something completely unnecessary and totally out of our budget. Unfortunately, that is usually not the case when it... Читај понатаму
Mother Creates Seat Belt Covers That Would Warn Emergency Workers About Children’s Health Issues
Целиот текст тука Sometimes, a simple worrying thought can unleash a viral success. That happened to an Australian mom, Natalie Bell, when she thought about her daughter, Shae, getting in an accident. It prompted the woman to create a seat belt cover for the child that would warn whoever... Читај понатаму
White House Chef That Looks Like A Bodybuilder Goes Viral, And People Even Start A Photoshop Battle
Целиот текст тука There have been many faces to come and go from the White House, politicians that the American people have come to recognize for better or worse – but what about the people who work behind the scenes? Little thought is given by the public as to... Читај понатаму
Pakistani Government Officials Accidentally Turn On Cat Filter During Facebook Live, Hilarity Ensues
Целиот текст тука The provincial government of Pakistan’s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has found a way to increase the ratings of their press conferences. By accident. The live stream of regional minister Shaukat Yousafzai speaking with journalists went viral on Friday after somebody who was in charge of it forgot to... Читај понатаму
Bill Gates Posts Data Of Causes Of Death In The US, Is Amazed By The Disconnect Between News And Reality
Целиот текст тука Bill Gates has 47.4 million Twitter followers, so when he tweets something, it gets noticed. Recently, the billionaire Microsoft founder has directed everyone’s attention towards an issue he’s been seeing for a while: the media isn’t accurately reflecting what we’re dying from, and Mr. Gates thinks... Читај понатаму
Amazon Is Selling Dog Muzzles That Look Like Human Faces And They’re Too Bizarre
Целиот текст тука The marketplace that is Amazon has many wondrous items from life-sized inflatable speedboats to ‘guesthouse kits,’ but spend enough time scrolling through you’ll also find some pretty bizarre offers. Seeing a dog in a muzzle can be pretty scary and startling – but the Pet Entertainment... Читај понатаму
Instagram Model Under Fire For “Making Fun” Of Indonesian Rice Workers (19 Reactions)
Целиот текст тука Instagrammer Natalie Schlater has 12K followers and 652 posts under her belt, but this particular one caused a lot of heat online. At first glance, this picture of Schlater in a bikini in front of a rice farm looks a lot like her other uploads. But... Читај понатаму
This Cat Goes Viral After Getting A Hilariously Bizarre Haircut
Целиот текст тука There probably isn’t anyone on this planet who hasn’t gotten a nightmarish haircut at some point of their lives – it happens to the best of us. But some haircuts are worse than others and that’s what makes them hilarious, especially, if it’s your beloved pet... Читај понатаму