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After Nearly A Full Day Of Labor, This Pregnant Stray Dog Gave Birth To 15 Puppies, Shocking Her Rescuers
Целиот текст тука Dogs have loads of surprises up their sleeves. They don’t wear sleeves, but you get the point. You can never know when your lovely pupper will decide it’s time to snag that bit of meat off the table or to run off barking at the neighborhood... Читај понатаму
Rooster Randomly Shows Up At Auto Shop And Decides He “Works” There Now
Целиот текст тука Who said that a rooster can’t work at an auto shop? No one, probably. Despite that, this one named Earl has once and for all proved to the world that the good old saying “the sky’s the limit” is relevant even in the world of roosters.... Читај понатаму
Spanish Flu Recommendations From 1918-1920 Show That There Were Stupid People Back Then As Well
Целиот текст тука History tends to repeat itself, and even though COVID-19 is not the worst flu whatsoever, we as a society seem to be making the same mistakes we did in 1918 during the Spanish Flu outbreak. Talya Varga turned to Twitter to share an old newspaper article... Читај понатаму
Old People Don’t Know What The 😂 Emoji Means, And It’s Hilarious (44 Pics)
Целиот текст тука Old people and technology mix like takeaway soup and crazy delivery drivers. Yes, they get the job done, but not without spills. One of the areas where grandmas and grandpas are having trouble is emojis. Like using the face with tears of joy — hysterical laughter... Читај понатаму
This Church Is Winning When It Comes To Hilarious Signs To Enforce Social Distancing (8 Pics)
Целиот текст тука With coronavirus cases on the rise recently, social distancing is coming back to our daily lives. And for the Redeemer Presbyterian Church In New Orleans, it’s no exception. Except the church has decided to take on a very creative way to do so. A place that’s... Читај понатаму
The Last Blockbuster In The World Is On Airbnb For Just $4 A Night
Целиот текст тука Before Netflix and chill was a thing, weekends in the 1990s and 2000s meant going to your local Blockbuster, browsing through the dusty aisles, and taking your chosen film home to sit back on the sofa. But as Blockbuster filed for bankruptcy in the US in... Читај понатаму
Someone Posts A Best-Dressed Hijabi Edition Thread And It’s Absolute Fashion Goals
Целиот текст тука Not only does fashion come in all shapes and sizes, it also comes in various cultures, religions and beliefs. This viral thread by a Twitter user who goes by the handle @seokthestallion encapsulates precisely that. The caption “best dressed Hijabi edition to give u inspo” speaks... Читај понатаму
121 Of The Funniest Wrong Number Texts Ever (New Pics)
Целиот текст тука As long as people will have smartphones, they will keep texting the wrong numbers. Whether it’s a person who didn’t know they were given a fake one at a bar or someone who honestly made a typing mistake, it’s inevitable. But as natural as it is, receiving... Читај понатаму
This Viral Video Of A Boy Practicing Ballet In The Rain Earned Him A Scholarship To Us Summer Workshop
Целиот текст тука While nowadays, many people like to point out all the bad things surrounding social media and the internet in general (which, of course, there are plenty of), this story is a reminder of how the World Wide Web can work as a means to achieve great... Читај понатаму
Woman Stands Up To A Man Sexually Harassing Another Woman On The Subway While 3 Other Men Just Watch
Целиот текст тука Of all the videos that go viral on TikTok, this one belongs to the most disturbing and empowering ones. Caitlin, an art student from New York City, was taking the subway home from work late at night when another passenger — a man — started sexually... Читај понатаму