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Someone Captures A Real-Life Tom And Jerry: A Mouse Running Up To A Cat To ‘Cuddle’ After Being Chased Around
Целиот текст тука This footage that shows a tiny mouse running up and hiding under a cat’s belly is going viral. While some people appear to believe that the two animals have formed an unlikely friendship, some are saying that this is not due to the cute reason we’d... Читај понатаму
28 Striking Portraits That Show Black Mothers Contemplating The Grim Reality Their Sons Are Facing
Целиот текст тука Artist Jon Henry started working on his photography series Stranger Fruit back in 2014. What began as a protest against senseless police killings of black people ended up being a lot of other things, too. Most notably, it’s an introspective mirror that allows viewers to examine... Читај понатаму
TikTok-Famous Vet Addresses The Most Common Mistakes Pet Owners Are Making
Целиот текст тука Pet owners make mistakes every day. But that doesn’t mean they’re bad guardians. As long as they constantly educate themselves, mindfully trying to take better care of their companions. Digesting huge amounts of information on topics like health and diet, however, can be tricky. Luckily, Dr. Hunter... Читај понатаму
Japanese Artist Hand-Carves Patterns And Ornaments Into Food And It Looks Too Beautiful To Eat (51 Pics)
Целиот текст тука For you and me, an apple is just an apple, and a tomato… you get the logic. But for Japanese artist Tomoko Sato, they’re blank canvases ready to be filled with delicate art. You see, Tomoko visited Thailand back in 2004 and fell in love with... Читај понатаму
Dad Refuses To Call His Daughter Karen Like His Wife Wants, Asks The Internet If He’s A Jerk
Целиот текст тука The name ‘Karen’ has been causing a lot of controversies recently. What started as a regular name quickly became associated with a lot of negative character features. So much so that some people named Karen are feeling badgered and stereotyped. So it’s no wonder that some... Читај понатаму
86 Brides Who Used Their Mad Sewing Skills To Make Their Own Wedding Dresses
Целиот текст тука Americans spend on average $33,391 on their wedding day. And while most lovebirds are willing to pay $540 on average for the cake, the wedding gown can set them back $1,509. If the pair are high spenders, the budget for the dress can soar up to... Читај понатаму
92 Adorable And Hilarious “How To Cat” Comics
Целиот текст тука When Lucas Turnbloom and his wife rescued a sweet but rambunctious little cat back in 2017, their lives changed forever. Now, Lucas’ adorable black and white ‘How To Cat’ comics, which are loosely based on the adventures of Sweetie the cat, have become a global hit... Читај понатаму
132 Simple And Short Yet Adorable And Fun Comics By BrainHoleSky
Целиот текст тука Some comics take their time to develop their characters and narrative. And they can be awesome. Often, however, we do not have the luxury to invest ourselves in such stories — just a few more minutes and we need to continue our day. Luckily, there are... Читај понатаму
138 Most Wholesome Rescue Pet Photos Of The Month (October Edition)
Целиот текст тука What kind of things fill your heart with joy? Saying “I love you” is one; a scoop of chocolatey ice cream is second. But there’s nothing quite like meeting a little furry critter, looking into their eyes, and realizing this is the point you’ll never part.... Читај понатаму
People On Twitter Show How Different Voting Is In The US Compared To Other Countries
Целиот текст тука Voting is done differently around the world. There are different systems of voting whereby either the popular vote wins or voters decide on reps who decide on the winner and whatnot. But then there’s also the process of voting—where do people go, how do they cast... Читај понатаму