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Person Confronts Their Parents Who Plan To Make A Lot Of Money By Inviting Tons Of People To Their Wedding
Целиот текст тука Weddings are meant to be a celebration of love and the deep bond that connects two people. Now, that might sound a bit cheesy, but I mean it! They’re beautiful ceremonies that lay the foundations for an even stronger relationship. What weddings aren’t supposed to be…... Читај понатаму
TikToker Shares 42 Situations “When It’s Best To Lie”
Целиот текст тука Lifestyle expert and former scientist Cathy Pedrayes is best known as TikTok’s ‘Mom Friend.’ She gained her fan following after first sharing a video with random items she stores in her first aid kit to prepare her for everything, whether it’s a diabetic emergency or eye... Читај понатаму
This Twitter Page Documents Only The Most Savage Yet Also Clever Comebacks, And Here’re 30 Of The Best Ones
Целиот текст тука Crafting a snappy and witty comeback that’ll grab everyone’s attention is no easy feat. However, all that effort and comedic instinct are worth it—if it’s on the internet, it might just live on in the digital hall of fame in screenshot form. Who knows, you might... Читај понатаму
The “Cursed Architecture” Twitter Feed Showcases The Best Of The Worst (40 Pics)
Целиот текст тука Whether we’re talking about the subreddit Crappy Design or the Instagram account Ugly Irish Houses, the Internet seems obsessed with tasteless crimes against aesthetics and functionality. If you are too, the Twitter account “Cursed Architecture” is right up your alley. Its hellish content includes strange angles,... Читај понатаму
30 Of The Cruelest Things Parents Have Ever Told Their Kids That Stuck With Them For Life
Целиот текст тука Some things we just cannot forget. Like harsh words from the people we want to impress most—our parents. On May 3rd, assistant professor at Stockton University Emily Van Duyne tweeted a question: “Does anyone else ever remember a cruel thing your parent said to you ... Читај понатаму


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