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Guy Doesn’t Even Own A Cat, Ends Up Finding 5 In His Room, Posts A 2-Year Update On The Cat Family
Целиот текст тука Some of you may remember a story Bored Panda did two years ago about a guy who stumbled upon a stray cat that had managed to sneak into his apartment only to give birth to four adorable kittens. Well, he decided to keep all of them... Читај понатаму
“But I Pushed Through”: Ryan Reynolds Tweets A Joke About Sporting An “A-hole” Costume On “Sesame Street,” Goes Instantly Viral
Целиот текст тука Back in 2010, the legendary family show Sesame Street aired its 4225th episode featuring a very cool guest appearance. It’s the Deadpool star, the maker of gin, and the restless social media jokester, yep, you said it, Ryan Reynolds. And knowing the guy from his badass... Читај понатаму
Dramatic Doggo Stages His Own Death Featuring “Blood” And A “Murder Weapon”
Целиот текст тука A few months ago, we wrote an article about a corgi from Japan named Gen with an incredibly broad spectrum of facial expressions. We’ve also talked about a corgi named Baby who’s a true entertainer at heart and never fails to make everyone around her smile.... Читај понатаму
Men Are Absolutely Shocked To Learn How Tampons Work After Their Partners Demonstrate It For A TikTok Challenge
Целиот текст тука The sad reality is, not everyone paid attention in biology and sex ed class. So some people are ignorant about even some basic biological things like how tampons work (and they might be too shy or embarrassed to ask anyone to explain everything to them properly... Читај понатаму
Flight Attendant Says To Stay Away From Liquids That Are Not In Cans Or Bottles On Planes, Goes Viral
Целиот текст тука Recently, Flight attendant Kat Kamalani made a TikTok to convince people to never ask for anything on a plane that has hot water. Suggesting only canned or bottled beverages, Kat said that most flight attendants rarely drink coffee or tea on planes themselves, since both are... Читај понатаму
This Cat Traveled In A Shipping Container For Three Weeks Surviving Only On Candy
Целиот текст тука What was the biggest adventure you ever went on? It was probably not as epic as the adventure this cat went on recently. A company from Ukraine called Star Shine Shipping created a post on the 14 of January showing off the stowaway that they recently... Читај понатаму
Dog Refuses To Stop Barking At A Biker, Leads Him To An Abandoned Newborn Baby On Top Of A Mountain
Целиот текст тука The man named Junrell Fuentes Revilla was riding his motorbike on what seemed to be a day like any other, through the mountains of Cebu, Philippines. Suddenly, a dog came out of nowhere and started running right after him. The four-legged boy was barking relentlessly as... Читај понатаму
Biden’s Dogs Just Moved Into The White House And The Photos Are Just Precious (11 Pics)
Целиот текст тука President Joe Biden’s dogs have officially moved into the White House, and the internet is loving the wholesome canine pics. Champ and Major Biden arrived at their new home in Washington from Delaware on Sunday, January 24, even though Biden officially became the president of the... Читај понатаму
40 Side-By-Side Pics Of Characters People “Refuse To Believe” Are Played By The Same Actors
Целиот текст тука In Hollywood, there’s plenty of parallel universes, with each movie having its own (little) world. However, whether we’re talking about a ship crossing the Atlantic or a dystopian Chicago, these places need inhabitants too. Otherwise, we just wouldn’t care about them. So actors cross these boundaries,... Читај понатаму
103 Times People Noticed These Instagrammers Who Heavily Photo-Edit Their Pictures And Exposed Them Online (New Pics)
Целиот текст тука In some ways, the endless lockdowns have been freeing. We’re starting to care less about how we look, how we dress, and whether or not we’ve got make-up on. Well… some of us, anyway. Even though we might be spending more of our time at home... Читај понатаму